Conversations drive the world…

…Tempus drives conversations.


Best in conversations.

Unitron’s newest platform is the latest proof of their passion for bringing technologies to market that help patients solve their biggest complaints around conversations. The extremely high performance of Tempus conquers the listening environments that patients find the most challenging – conversations in noise and crowds.

Designed for the best conversations.

The design of the Moxi family isn’t the only thing that will get patients talking. This lineup, designed with patient needs front and center, includes two of the world’s smallest receiver-in-canal (RIC) styles. Plus, every Moxi is driven by Tempus, the platform that’s best in conversations. Style that gets their attention. Sound that keeps them happy. That’s Moxi.

Experiencing is believing

Take home our hearing aids before you commit to buying

It’s normal to have a lot of questions when you’re buying a hearing aid. That’s why we have Flex:trial. It lets you take our hearing aids home to wear in the real world, so you can feel confident that the ones you choose will work well for you

Unitron Custom Made

There’s something worth hearing inside every conversation. Now you have the power to bring patients even closer to the heart of conversations they don’t want to miss with Insera, our latest in-the-ear (ITE) family. Only on Tempus

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