Hearing Aid Styles

The Hearing Aid market has evolved much in the same way as the car market. In the early stages you could choose from only a few car models and have any colour as long as it was black! Hearing aids were all analogue Body Worn or at best Behind the Ear style and all were ‘hearing aid beige.’

Today, like cars, hearing aids come in all sorts of styles, from many different manufacturers, each with their own strengths and take on methods of processing sound. As a result it is vital that your Hearing Aid Audiologist has a full variety of instruments to choose from. After all you wouldn’t just consider one car manufacturer or style before deciding.

Here we have a guide designed to help you understand the various options, however there is no substitute for professional advice so we recommend you contact us for a free consultation.

Stylish and almost invisible the most commonly fitted design of hearing aids, RITE/RICs send the sound directly into the ear canal as nature intended.

Receiver In The Ear or Receiver in Canal aids have a wide power range and different fitting options making them incredibly flexible and the most common fitting in the private sector. This style  comes in an ultra discreet mini style, offers media connectivity & rechargeable battery options.

Traditionally used for power,  Behind the Ear aids with tubing are a perfect solution for many other losses.

Still discreet yet with all various power options to suit mild through to severe and profound losses and with the latest technological breakthroughs. BTEs are easier to handle, suit ears prone to wax or infection and allow for specialist attachments. A lot of inexperienced Dispensers over look this gem in favour of the RITE/RIC leading to persistent problems for the end user.

Tucked into the entrance to the ear or further down in the ear canal these styles are the smallest custom made aids available and take a size 10 battery. 

    1. The IIC sits right down into the ear canal whilst the CIC and ITC are partially visible but still incredibly neat. They are the least powerful of all aid styles, and certain advanced features for processing sound such as directional microphones are not always available. The size 10 aids are contra-indicated for ears prone to wax or infection.

Still with nothing behind the ear, yet with extra power and easier to handle, these custom products may be the ideal alternative to the more commonly prescribed BTEs or RITE/RICs.

The larger custom made aids allow more space for additional features like the hearing loop and wireless connectivity. They are easier to handle, making fitting. removal and changing the battery more convenient when dexterity is a concern. Rechargeable batteries are not yet available in custom made aids.

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