Reasonable and Flexible

Looking for Private Hearing Care… but unsure how to finance it?

…or do you simply want to retain some capital for a rainy day?

The normal process of obtaining a private hearing system is to purchase it outright using a debit or credit card.  Of course we can offer this at All Ears at prices that are fair, reasonable and (apart from internet companies who can’t offer the personalised care), noticeably cheaper.

However, if You have other expenses to address it could mean you go without the essential care you need. All Ears can offer a variety of payment options.

Our prices for entry level systems start from less than £650 per pair for a complete package inclusive of full consultation, fitting and rehabilitation appointments, and are competitive throughout the technology range.
Some of our top level hearing aids are not available on the High Street, so not every top of the range product is comparable with another.

We have a full and continually evolving portfolio of products too numerous to list here, and as we have access to all makes,  we will always and only discuss options that suit you and your needs and not recommend the ‘nearest match’ or ‘sell’ something that is the right price but the wrong solution.
And remember – you get what you pay for, so prices that significantly undercut the market will inevitably result in a reduced service as well.

And now there are viable alternatives…

With All Ears you can guarantee we will evaluate your needs and look at all the manufacturers before recommending solutions and we will take you through the prices and relative benefits of them all. You can choose to spread the cost over a few months – without any costly interest payments, or keep up with technology changes with our Upgrade Scheme.

Complete flexibility

Depending on your hearing, your age, your desire or need to keep up with technology changes, however, you may find that purchasing and re-purchasing on a regular basis, typically every 3 to 4 years becomes an expensive business.
Our prices are hugely competitive so in most cases keeping up to date will be easy with All Ears, however if finding the full payment in one go doesn’t fit with your life style, why not opt for our Interest Free Payment Plan, with the option to defer some of the balance until the end of the agreement.
At that stage you can then simply pay the final balance, hand the system back with nothing further to pay or opt for a discounted upgrade anytime up to two years from the fitting of the original system.

You Decide

Decide on the most appropriate solution to suit your pocket, and let us do the rest.  You can either choose what you are comfortable paying each month and allow us to select the *best technology from our extensive portfolio, or choose what suits your and needs lifestyle and let us calculate the payments.

Have your Existing System Evaluated 

If you have private hearing aids form another supplier, but are not satisfied, you might consider taking advantage of our 21 years of experience. Let All Ears set up your system professionally.

  • Full diagnostic hearing test
  • Evaluation of the benefits given by your existing system
  • Assessment of its practical and physical suitability
  • Software reset to get the best from what you have..
  • … or take advantage of our part exchange deals

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