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This section covers identifying the left and right aids, domes, custom tips and various battery styles with links to videos showing how to perform various daily tasks. Scroll down to find the section you require.

There are links to our daily routing video page so that you can view how to perform various tasks however, if the information you require is not here, you can call us or complete the contact form where you can ask for additional help.

Identifying the sides

Everything to do with hearing aids is colour coded. RED for the right ear and BLUE for the left.

With any aids,  but especially RIC/RITE it is possible to twist the wires through 180 degrees and accidently fit the aids in the opposite ears. Pay particular attention to getting the correct fitting to avoid poor sound, feedback or discomfort.

Ear Fittings – Domes and Custom made

On a RIC/RITE the receiver or speaker is mounted at the end of a thin wire and must be located in the ear with a device that gives not only provides physical location but gives us an acoustic value. All such silicone domes are designed to be removed to replace the wax solution. The domes usually peel off and are a push fit to replace. On some instruments the custom tip can also be removed, however most wax solutions are replaced insitu.


See a video on how to change your domes

Wax Solutions

Under the dome or on the custom/aid is always a guard that fits onto the end of the receiver. The method of exchanging them is similar for all models and easy to do.

Your new wax trap will be on a holder with a removal tool on the other end. Insert the empty end into the end of the receiver. Some will need a turn or two to screw the empty end into the contaminated wax guard, others are just a push fit. Once done, simply pull out the contaminated wax trap and reverse the holder and offer up the new, clean wax guard. In all cases all you need do is push the new guard into the receiver.

See a video on how to change your wax filter

Batteries – Standard and Rechargeable

More frequently clients are opting for rechargeable options. With these there is no need to remove the battery or turn the hearing aids on or off. Standard batteries are still available on all types of RIC /RITE and the only type for custom made.

Removal of the sticky tab on the reverse of the battery starts the chemical reaction that power the battery. You cannot save battery life by replacing it.

The batteries have a positive – the flat side that had the sticker on, and a negative – the side with the ridge on. There is a corresponding lip on your battery door that interlocks with the ridge. Most battery doors have a small graphic indicating the correct way to insert.

Watch a video on how to change your battery

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