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All our manufacturers have a wide range of devices to allow connection of your hearing aids to media sources like TV, smart phones and tablets. 
There are a great many different devices available today and each manufacturer has their own approach, so whilst these videos cover the most common processes and their are many similarities across all products, please refer to the instructions that came with your equipment to get specific advice.

General Pairing Tips.
  • In order to pair hearing aids with Bluetooth devices like neck worn loops and Smart phones, you normally have to turn the hearing aids off and then back on to put them in pairing mode. 
  • Some systems are sensitive to other Bluetooth signals close by, so as far as you can, ensure all other Bluetooth devices are turned off before you start pairing.
  • Streaming and connection uses large amounts of battery power, so please check you have fresh or fully charged hearing aid batteries and that the item you are connecting to is also fully charged. 
  • Flashing blue lights usually indicate pairing mode. Solid blue usually indicates paired.
  • Some manufacturer’s remote controls and neck-loops may need to be paired by the Audiologist, however when this is the case we will carry out all necessary work in advance of your fitting appointment.

The most common connectivity options and connection processes are illustrated in the videos below, however if there is something you require that isn’t hereplease ask!


streaming via a smart neck loop that can also act as a remote control

Watch an overview of Audio Service Smart Connect and how it could help you

How to pair your Audio Service EasyTek Smart Connect to hearing aids and various Bluetooth devices

 Oticon offer wireless streaming to many devices with or without the need for a neck loop.

Oticon Opn mini RITE streaming with Rechargeable hearing aids

How to pair Oticon ConnectLine Streamer Pro with TV Adaptor 2

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