Services We Offer

All Ears Hearing are a fully independent hearing care provider, and as such we are there to take care of everything your ears might need. Follow the links below for more details….

Free Hearing Consultations

A full and thorough investigation to find out what is going,on,or quick check to put your mind at rest, whatever level of consultation you require it will be carried out to the highest professional standards, without rushing and without sales pressure – guaranteed!

Full Re-Fitting Service

You already have private hearing aids, but for whatever reason you don’t get on with them and your supplier has proved unwilling or unable to resolve the problem. With over 21 years’ experience, let me find a solution for you.

Ongoing Aftercare

You might have moved in to the area or have fallen out of love with your existing provider. If you want us to take over your hearing care we will carry out a free initial assessment with a view to providing your ongoing aftercare to our exacting professional standards.

Routine Service

Missed an appointment? Can’t get one in time and need help straight away? We can provide a standard annual check-up appointment for you.

Wax Removal

Wax is seldom a cause of significant hearing loss, in most cases it doesn’t even prevent hearing aids being prescribed, but excessive amounts can cause problems with the health of the ear canal and stop any hearing aid in its tracks. Irrigation or specialist suction methods allow swift and safe wax removal.

Noise Protection and Sound Delivery

Hearing loss can be caused by exposure to noise above 85 decibels and can occur at lower levels with longer exposure. A noise of just a second or two can severely damage hearing if it is loud enough. Power tools, motor cycling and shooting are typical causes of irreversible hearing loss; but custom made noise protection is simple and very effective solution.
Specialist Headphones
Whether you have a hearing loss or not, listening to music or the TV may be a very important part of your life.
Specialist Bluetooth, Bone Conduction headphones that have nothing in the ear, or custom made fittings to take your own ear buds are just some of the solutions in a massive range. Just ask!

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