Daily Routine Videos

There are various minor routines that have to be undertaken by the hearing aid user to ensure the system works properly. Cleaning the hearing aids and making sure the batteries are delivering power are the most common.
Whilst your hearing professional will have covered this in some detail at your fitting appointment, it is easy to forget. The videos on this page are designed to help you through the various processes.

There are subtle differences to the many variations of hearing aids but the general methods employed can be related to the majority of hearing aids on the market today.
They are grouped by procedure.  (please note some of the videos have no sound)

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Changing a battery on various Custom Made In The Ear Hearing Aids

Size 312 (brown) Standard Battery

Size 10(yellow) Standard Battery

Size 312 (brown) Lift-up Lid Battery Door

Changing Batteries on Receiver In The Ear or Receiver In Canal Aids 

Oticon Opn RITE

Audio Service RIC

Changing Batteries on Behind The Ear Hearing Aids

Size 13 (orange) batteries. NB the process is the same for size 675 (blue) batteries

Changing Domes on Receiver In The Ear or Receiver In Canal Aids

Changing Wax Filters and Microphone Guards on Various Hearing Aids

 Oticon ProWax filter.

HF3 Filter

Oticon NoWax

Changing Audio Service In The Ear Microphone Guards

Cleaning your Hearing Aids

Cleaning In The Ear Hearing Aid (Also used for RITE/RIC Custom Tip

Cleaning Thin Tube Behind The Ear hearing Aids

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